Qualifier 22.4 – Barbell Chipper

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For time:
20 overhead squats
40 front rack lunges
60 hang cleans
80 deadlifts

Elite/RX/16-17/35-49: (115/75)
50+, Scaled: (95/65)
14-15: (75/55)

Athletes must complete the work unpartitioned for time. No squat racks are allowed.

Workout Instructions

Athletes will wait for the 12:00 mark of Event 3 (Bodyweight Chipper) before starting Event 4 (Barbell Chipper). All work must be completed unpartitioned for time. No squat racks are allowed.


Overhead Squats – Barbell starts on the floor. Once the athlete establishes control overhead, they must pass the hip clearly below the knee and return to full extension for the rep to count.

Front Rack Lunges – Barbell must be racked on the front of the shoulders, but any grip is allowed. Athletes must initiate the lunge by stepping backwards from a standing position. The rep is counted when they return to starting position with control.

Hang Cleans – Barbell starts in the hanging position with arms straight. The rep is counted when the bar travels to the front rack with elbows clearly in front of the bar and legs extended.

Deadlift – Barbell must start on the ground. The rep is counted when the athlete stands to full extension of the knee and hip with shoulders behind the bar.