Event 22.6 – WOD Under Fire

Complete For Time* 8 minute Time Cap

Double Unders
Scale: Singles Unders (1:1)

Burpee Over Box (24″/20″)

Every 2 minutes including at the start, 5 shots on target.

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Athletes begin on starting mat. At call of 3-2-1 go M1 begins with 50 double under and then moving to the 10 burpee box jump overs. After completing the burpee box jump overs they advance to the shooting area and complete 5 shots on target within 10 attempts. If they fail to complete the 5 shots in 10 attempts, they must immediately do a 10 burpee penalty before tagging next team member. Athletes may take additional shots if needed. After doing so M1 will return to the start mat and tag F1 who will complete the same sequence. Then M2. Then F2. When the final athlete returns to the start mat the workout is complete.