Event 22.7 – Return To Sender

3 rounds for time (12 Min Time Cap)

300 meter row
30 goblet squat
3 rope climbs (hand below 10ft line before letting go of the rope)

ELITE/RX/35-49: (32kg/24kg) unbroken squats
16-17/50+: (24kg/16kg)
SCALED: (24kg/16kg) 10 foot climb with no jump
NOVICE/14-15: (16kg/12kg) 10 foot climb with no jump

Athletes begin on start mat. At call of 3-2-1 go athletes get on rower and row 300 meters. Once complete athletes move to their kettlebell and perform 30 goblet squats. After the 30th squat, they then move to the rope and perform 3 rope climbs. The second and third round will unfold exactly as the first.

The final round will require ELITE athletes to finish the workout with 3 legless rope climbs. Athletes must touch target before using legs or feet.

Unbroken athletes may rest between squats but kettlebell may not touch the ground. If it does, they must start that set over.