Event 22.5 – Swim DT

For time: Time cap is 12:00.


DB deadlift
DB hang clean
DB shoulder to overhead

*Perform 1 lap swim after round of 15s and 12s.

ELITE/RX/35-49: (50/35)
SCALED/16-17/50+: (40/30)
14-15: (30/20)

Athletes begin on start mat. At call of 3-2-1 go they advance to their DBs and perform 15 reps of deadlift, hang clean, and shoulder to overhead. Once the shoulder to overhead is completed they enter the water at the designated entry point and swim 1 lap of the swimming course. Once out of the water athletes return to their DBs and perform 12 deadlifts, 12 hang cleans, and 12 shoulder to overheads. They will then re-enter the water to swim another lap around the course. The final round will require 9 deadlifts, 9 hang cleans, and 9 shoulder to overheads once all lifts are complete athletes must run to the finish mat to stop the clock.

Life jackets will be provided for athletes who do not feel comfortable in the water. All life jacket scores will be designated as scaled and scored below RX times.