Event Map

We’ve Moved To Granite Bay

It’s going to be a great weekend at the lake! We’re happy to bring 2024 Norcal Classic to Granite Bay. Similar to years past, we’re taking advantage of the gorgeous lakeside area. Filled with different terrains, obstacles and more, Granite bay is a perfect new home for NCC.


Granite Bay Northern California Event MapGranite Bay Main Beach
Will be the Trailside Stage, where several endurance events will take place.

Lakeside Stage
In the middle of the action, this will be where you’ll want to have your cheering crowd.

Athlete Village
Nested in a treeline area, you’ll find good shade, and space to stretch converse and get things in order for the upcoming events.

Main Parking / Overflow
The main Granite Bay Boat Ramp will be where most will park and tailgate.

VIP Parking
The VIP Parking will be between the two stage areas where the events will take place. This area is perfect for coaches or volunteers that need to bring in and out equipment.