Qualifier 20.5 – Pay Your Way Presented by RPM

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For time (18:00min Cap)
90 bar facing burpees
60 deadlifts
30 ring muscle ups
*Partition anyhow.

Every 3 minutes for 18:00 (including the first round), athletes must buy in with 30 double unders.

50+: 185/125

Single unders, jumping ring muscle ups

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Movement Standards

Double Under – The rep is completed when the rope passes twice under the feet.

Bar facing burpees – Athletes must align perpendicular to the barbell. The rep begins when the chest touches the floor and ends when the feet land on the opposite side of the barbell. Scaled division athletes are allowed to step over the bar, but all other divisions must use a two foot take off. Athletes are allowed to step back, lunge, or use whatever means necessary to get down and up from the ground.

Deadlift – The lift begins with the bar on the ground and finishes with the athlete standing with hips and knees fully extended. Arms must remain locked during the entire movement.

Ring muscle up – Athlete must start with arms extended and feet off the ground. The rep is completed when the athlete shows control with elbows extended above the rings. The feet must not pass through the ring straps at any time… drop kipping is not permitted.

Jumping Ring Muscle ups – Athletes must set the rings so that the top of the ring is eye level. The rep begins when the arms are straight and the athlete is under the rings, and is completed with the athlete supported with arms locked out above the rings. It is not necessary for the athlete to pass through a full dip, but they must show control at the top.