Event 23.9 – Sandbag Complex

5 to 1:
Sandbag over shoulder
Sandbag squat

ELITE/RX/35-49: 160/120

*Athletes perform sandbag over shoulder and bear hug squats.


Sandbag Over Shoulder
The repetition starts with the sandbag on the ground
The repetition is credited when the sandbag clearly passes over the top of the athlete’s shoulder.
Athletes must be at full hip and knee extension when the sand bag passes over the shoulder. No throwing and ducking.
The sandbag may not roll off the side of the shoulder.

Sandbag Squat
The sandbag must be held in front of the athlete’s chest, with arms wrapped around the the sandbag.
Squat cleans are not permitted. Movement starts with athlete holding sandbag in standing position.
Athletes must squat down until the hip crease is clearly below the knee
The rep is credited when the athlete returns to the standing position with the knees and hips fully extended.
The sandbag may not rest or lie on the athlete’s shoulder at anytime