Qualifier 21.1 – 3-2-1 Complex Ladder

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Workout movement
Against a 3:00 clock:
3 rounds of:
3 deadlift
2 squat clean
1 shoulder to overhead

Elite/RX/Masters 35-49: (185/125) (205/135) (225/155) (245/165) (275/185) (295/205)
Scaled/Masters 50+: (115/75) (135/95) (155/105) (185/125) (205/135) (225/155)

*18:00 time cap

Workout Instructions

Athletes are only allowed one barbell and must do all loading/unloading themselves. If athlete completes 3 rounds under the cap, the clock extends to 6:00 and they must complete 3 additional rounds at the next weight. This pattern continues until the athlete fails to complete the required rounds at the required weight or until they clear the ladder.

Athletes may bank time as they go. Score is total time or total reps completed.


Deadlift – Athletes must lift the barbell from the ground to standing, clearly locking out knees and hips at the top.

Squat clean – Athletes must clean the barbell from the ground to a front rack, passing through a full squat before locking out the knees and hip at the top. A power clean + front squat will NOT be permitted.

Shoulder to overhead – Athletes must move the barbell from the front rack position to locked out overhead with control. Any shoulder to overhead variation will be accepted.