The Overcome Project is an organization dedicated to providing fitness and athletic opportunities to foster youth. Due to the enormous stress placed on foster families to care for multiple children of multiple ages, these aren’t always provided the resources and access afforded traditional families. Team sports, after school activities, and the like aren’t in the cards for most. This program strives to provide transportation and access to healthy, fitness oriented activities that foster kids can benefit from not only physically, but socially.

Entry Fee
$35 for individuals. This fee goes directly towards benefitting the boys and girls of the Overcome Project.

Start Times:
Athletes will be able to pick up bibs and check in for the race starting at 6:00 am on Saturday, May 30th. The rolling mass start will kick off at 8:00 am.

From Friday 5pm until Sunday 5pm, daily parking will be available at the parking garage on 3rd street for $7 per day. Street parking will also be available for regular rates throughout the weekend.

2020 Race Details
We're happy to announce, we're adding a 10K Route to this years events.
Register now for either 5K or 10K.

Past Race Results
2019 Race Results